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Allen Babcock Rescue in the News

Sun-Sentinel: July 2010

Allen Babcock Rescue is featured in:
"Rescue Finds Homes for Dogs Big and Small" printed in July 2010.


Buster is a young pit bull puppy that was used as fighting bait, cut and then left for dead on the side of the road. Buster was found by one of our volunteers and has since healed completely and been adopted.


B.J. is a young great dane puppy who was found in the woods on an indian reservation. He was extremely emaciated and was left for dead after being shot four times, one of the bullets nearly going through his eye. B.J. was rescued by one of our volunteers who happened to be working in the area and spotted him crawling for help. Unfortunately B.J.'s abuser was never brought to justice but through some investigating, we are confident we know who did this harm and thankfully this monster is behind bars for another crime. B.J. is now named A.J. and he is living very happily with his new family in Fort Lauderdale.

B.J. released from hospital


Marta is a belgian malanois mix who was found swimming in Biscayne Bay. She had a four foot rope tiped around her neck and was fighting to stay afloat. Thankfully she was spotted by good samaritans who were able to save her. She is now adopted and living a better life.


Sassy is a young puppy who was rescued from a Hollywood backyard after being extremely emaciated and left to die. Her brother dog was hung on a fence dead when police came to the scene. Sassy was so weak she could not walk. She came to Cheryl's house for fostering and was quickly fattened up. Sassy is now living in Plantation and is a pampered pooch.



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